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Hood Cleaner – How to Remove Grease and Oil From an Exhaust Hood

A hood cleaner is a specialized product that is used in commercial kitchens to remove grease and oil. This is a highly important job because grease and oil buildup in the exhaust hood system can lead to serious health hazards. It can also cause a fire, which can result in damage and loss of property.

A hood cleaner is not only designed to remove grease from the hood, but to also degrease the entire exhaust system. The best hood cleaner is one that works at all temperatures. Unlike caustic cleaning solutions, a hood cleaner is rinse-free.

One of the most common hood cleaning jobs involves using a hot water power washing to remove built-up grease. Typically, a power washing will spray around 1500 to 2000 p.s.i. (pounds of pressure per square inch). Although a power washing can remove excess grease, it may not be the most effective method for getting rid of grease.

Another way to remove grease from your exhaust hood is by hiring a professional hood cleaning service. These crews use a specialized hood cleaner that dispenses a solution that dissolves sticky deposits, and is safe to touch. Using a hood cleaner can be a good idea, but it should be done right.

An ion-charged surfactant is used in a hood cleaner to help dissolve dirt and grime, as well as other contaminants. This hood cleaning technology exhibits impressive pH stability, excellent foaming characteristics, and excellent wetting performance.

Other features of a hood cleaner include the ability to remove burnt on tar and other carbon stains. It also has the capability to dissolve burnt on grease and oil.

In addition to these benefits, a hood cleaner is also designed to be rinse-free. This Hood Cleaner is especially helpful if you have employees who handle food, as well as water. A hood cleaner is also effective for removing stains from Chinese restaurants.

Hood cleaning services are in high demand due to the popularity of restaurants. The job of a hood cleaning technician isn’t glamorous, but it is necessary. If you don’t have time to clean your restaurant’s hood on a regular basis, it’s best to hire a professional. Not only will the professional hood cleaning service remove grease, but they will keep your restaurant’s kitchen as sanitary as possible.

There are numerous hood cleaners on the market, but some of the most effective can be found at Premier Grease. This company provides top-notch customer satisfaction and offers a wide range of services. They clean your hood, mop the floor, and polish other areas of your restaurant. As part of their cleaning process, they insert a funnel into the hood to scoop up accumulated grime. Once this process is complete, they replace the hood with a new hood.

Before hiring a hood cleaning service, make sure you ask your prospective service about their experience and certifications. Some companies require a background check or drug screening. Make sure to ask about their roof accessibility, so that they can properly clean the area.

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