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What to Look for in a Wedding Master of Ceremonies

A wedding master of ceremonies is one of the most important roles on your big day. They are responsible for coordinating the reception events and speeches while providing entertainment and keeping guests engaged in fun ways. They have a lot of power and influence so it is important that you take the time to find a professional with the right personality and public speaking skills.

They should have a good relationship with the venue staff and caterers to ensure they know the facilities and how things work. This allows them to give clear instructions about the service flow, such as when plated or buffet food will be served and where to go for drinks. They also need to know how much time is needed for each part of the wedding, so they can announce when a toast will begin or the couple’s first dance will take place.

MCs should also be aware of any special requests you have for out-of-the-ordinary forms of guest engagement such as games or question stations. They should discuss these with you ahead of time so they can be prepared to deliver them smoothly.

They will need to have a strong connection with the couple. They need to understand their personalities, what they are looking for in a day and the vision they have for their wedding. They are often the person that the bride and groom turn to when they have questions about a speech or an announcement and will need to be able to respond quickly and appropriately.

It is not uncommon for a guest to suddenly be inspired and want to improvise a toast or other statement at a wedding. It is important that the MC knows who they should or shouldn’t be allowing to hold the microphone as it could create an awkward situation for other guests. Some couples prefer to open up the floor for everyone while others only want their closest friends and family members to make toasts.

If there are a group of people making a presentation or event, it is helpful for the MC to get a list of names and their pronunciation before the wedding so they can practice ahead of time. This will avoid any embarrassing gaffes that might happen when they are holding the mic and announcing everyone’s name in the moment. They should also communicate with the DJ or musician about the schedule of events to determine when music changes are needed.

It is also a great idea to have the MC meet any key players that will be making speeches on the day, so they are familiar with the people that they are introducing and can keep up with their speech timings. It is also a good idea to ask them if they have any specific jokes, games or other fun activities in mind that they would like to incorporate into the ceremony and reception.

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